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McBee3, 48

Frankfort, Free State, South Africa

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Here is my Email address( danielmuka com) and my skype ID is ( danielmukala88) I am thankful for everything I have, and I'm the type of person that tries to make a point to be thankful for the little things in life most people take for granted. I'm lucky because I have cars that runs, food to eat, and a warm place to sleep. I'm lucky that I was born in the South Africa and I'm able to walk, drive, and go anywhere I please. Lot of people don't have that. I'm not into people who want to be "treated like a princess". I will treat you good, but that mentality is not attractive to me. I don't like it when anyone in a relationship is treating the other person like they're lucky to be with them....it should be mutual. I don't expect to be treated like a "prince", and at best I wish to be treated fairly and with respect, to listen and be heard.

I tend to have out of the ordinary viewpoints. I have alot to contribute conversation wise, but I don't often reveal my veiws to people who are not my close friends. One of the greatest joys in my life is contemplative banter. I'm an engineer so I love figuring things out, including human behavior. I'm a closet psychologist and philosopher.

I won't say, "if you don't do X or Y, then don't bother messaging me". That is a narrow minded point of view IMO. You may actually find that you are very compatible with someone who, heaven forbid, is the fan of a different sports team than you or that may not have a dog like yours! In my mind, that is a

Looking For:

A woman (40 - 45)

I´m looking for someone who is interested in building a sincere lasting relationship. Communication, trust, honesty and integrity makes for a lasting relationship. Someone who is sincere, secure, and caring, and can be a best friend as well as a partner. Someone who is as comfortable in a ball cap and jeans as they might be in a dress on Derby Day. Someone who is family orientated, likes to laugh, is pretty easy going, spontaneous, and witty.


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I have (not living with me)
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159cm (5' 2.6")
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I eat healthily
I'm a Non-Smoker
I drink socially

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Free State: Frankfort, Villiers, Vaal Marina, Heilbron, Reitz, Deneysville, Annaton, Arcon Park, Bedworth Park, Dadaville
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