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John1322, 59

Alexandria, Eastern Cape, South Africa

About Me:

I want to comfortably say at the end of my days that I lived for Love. Everything that man needs to lead a fulfilled life is embodied in loving oneself and others. I wouldn't ask what your worst moments in life were because they don't count anymore. I would like to hear about your best moments, your dreams or aspirations as well as your inspiration; trials and triumphs. I am so grateful to God Almighty for this day while I pray for tomorrow. So many have never laughed, and so many have died before they could understand the sole purpose in life- HAPPINESS, which is actually a CHOICE. There are reasons to frown 24hrs a day through out one's life time but your ability to solve some and ignore the rest means a lot. I see no reason why I will develop a heart attack, high blood pressure when I know that the keys to my happiness are in my hands. Granted, some inevitable problems come our way sometimes but we still have everything it takes to trample them.

I am no Saint but a man who have had his fare share of life and have come to learn valuable lessons that I wished I've learned earlier. Life is simple: eat when you have, laugh when you can, blame no one for your problems, solve the ones you can and think less of the past but let your heart be filled with hope for all the goodies that tomorrow brings.

Looking For:

A woman (40 - 90)

I am looking for a woman I love and live with for the rest of my days on earth. A woman we will both build a world of our own together.


Relationship Status:
I have
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148cm (4' 10.3")
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I eat healthily
I'm a Non-Smoker
I don't drink

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Eastern Cape: Alexandria, Boknesstrand, Kenton-on-Sea, Grahamstown, Bathurst, Port Alfred, Grahamstown Central, Cradock Heights, Eluxolweni, Fingo
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